7 Best Ways to Restore Your Lawn

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Restoring your lawn is a challenging task. If you wish to have a beautiful lawn that will leave your guests impressed, search for lawn mowing services in Wollongong. Here are a few ways to restore your lawn:

Get rid of the Thatch and Weed

Dig up a small, triangular-shaped turf several inches deep. If you find the spongy layer above the soil ¾- to 1-inch thick, it is time to get rid of the thatch. 

Fill Depressions and Bumps

Depressions and bumps in the lawn are caused by poor grading, uneven settling, and the decomposition of buried tree parts. Check for any bumps and depressions in your garden and get them fixed by lawn professionals. 

Smooth slight depressions by applying a combination of topsoil and compost. You can take the help of a wide landscaping rake tool for this job. When handling depressions bigger than an inch or two deep and several square feet in area, it is better to raise the soil, fill the depression with a mixture of soil, humus, and fertilizer; replace the soil, and press it in place. Keep the repaired area moist for better cultivation.

You can level small garden bumps by raising the soil using a sharp spade and get rid of the necessary amount of soil beneath it. Don’t lift smaller patches of lawn or they will likely dry out and die. When the soil lifts, add in some compost and fertilizer. 

Adjust Your Soil’s pH level and add Nutrients

Get your soul tested from a professional testing service. Once you get your pH reports, use a slow-release fertilizer to enhance the pH level and nutrient value in your soil. Don’t use excess fertilizer, or it may pollute the waterways. 

Increase Organic Matter and Microbes

The use of fertilizer will not help if your soil does not contain an adequate amount of microbes. For a healthy lawn, you need billions of these microscopic organisms per handful of soil. Make sure your soil contains 2- to 5-per cent organic material to have a thriving microbe population.

Aerate Compacted Lawns

Aeration is a watering process that allows the grassroots to penetrate the soil. Don’t aerate your lawn during the dry season, like the summer months, because you may damage an already stressed lawn.  

Prepare the Surface and Overseed It

Shop for seeds that are best for your location and climate. You have several tools for spreading seeds evenly on your lawn. You can use your hands for planting seeds, hand-held, walk-behind spreaders, and slit-seeders. 

Take Care of Young Plants

Taking care of young grass plants should begin from the time of seeds germination till the time when the young plant becomes an adult plant. Feed them with water at least twice a day. The seeds will not germinate or die if the soil dries out. To increase the germination rate, soak your lawn on the day of sowing the seeds. 
Search for the top lawn mowing services in Wollongong and take the help of a professional lawn care service provider.

Bathroom Renovation: Get the Bathroom of Your Dreams

best bathroom renovations Kirrawee

Design the bathroom of your dreams that combines style with the ultimate in functionality. Before you search for bathroom renovation near me, keep in mind that it is going to cost you a lot of time and money. The price can range from a few thousand dollars to up to your choice. Instead of getting a complete bathroom makeover, go for an update in the bathing tub, a wall niche for shampoo storage, and two sinks for teeth brushing.

Before planning a bathroom makeover, keep a check on your daily routine as your bathroom layout will depend on it. Decide how much you can spend on the renovation. It’s better to make a budget now than to regret it later. Check for the storage facilities.

Designing Your Dream Bathroom

Your dream bathroom is incomplete without a beautiful bathtub / Jacuzzi-style bathtub.

Coming to the shower, the right enclosure for your shower or shower/tub combo will make a huge difference. Get pretty shower curtains and install a glass door in your shower. You can also choose the no door option for the most free-spirited shower. Buy the right fixtures for your shower so that they can last longer.

Install a thermostatic shower valve. This device gives you a perfectly warm/cold bathwater based on personal preference. Installing a thermostatic shower valve, which automatically adjusts the hot and cold water will make your bathroom dream come true. Invest in a good showerhead that maintains the right flow of the water.

Add Drama with Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures will break or make your bathroom because they’re metallic and can enhance the beauty of your dream bathroom. Keep in mind your theme and maintenance when buying bathroom fixtures. You can choose brass fixtures with zinc or silver finish or elaborate gold for a beach-inspired bathroom. These fixtures will require more cleaning, so make sure you buy them accordingly.

Know Your Surfaces

When selecting tile or marble, be sure to learn about the qualities and drawbacks of each material. Do you prefer a polished floor or more of a refined look? Shiny floors might become slippery after some time while natural materials may have a rutted surface that is more slip-resistant but may also collect dirt.

Choose Lighting

Choosing the correct lighting for your bathroom is important. Get enough lighting near the mirror, sink, and shower areas. If you want a bluish tint, go for the fluorescent. If you prefer yellowish radiance, choose incandescent bulbs for your bathroom.Curtis Construction provides the best bathroom renovations Kirrawee has to offer. Connect with us today for your bathroom renovation or home makeover projects.

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