How to Use Tiles in the Garden for 2020

We Australians just love to find ways to make our gardening and landscaping look beautiful especially during the summer season. But do you know that tiles, whether stone or porcelain, can look great and are easy to maintain outside your home? They are also adaptable to extreme weather here in Australia!

So let’s talk about how we can use tiles to beautify our landscape outdoors.

Divide Garden Areas Into Zones

Tiles can be useful to create specific zones for  different activities in your gardening and landscaping area especially if your garden has a large enough space. An area may be specified for dining with tables and chairs or perhaps a hangout area for lounging with a bench  to take advantage of the sunny afternoon.

Or you can set up a spot for a bistro table for the morning sun and a cup of warm coffee in the morning. It is therefore a great idea to use tiles in these areas which will allow you to create separate zones around your garden depending upon their use.

What’s great about this is that tiles are available in a vast array of colours, sizes and finishes they are available in, that allows you to personalise and customise your garden landscape. You can use similar tiles in certain spaces or complimentary styles for each zone. It really depends on your tastes and on your own needs and activities. You can maximise your garden for whatever you want to use it for and add some creative landscaping for the perfect finishing touch.


Another great idea is to use the same flooring from the inside to the outside so that the area can look bigger. Tiles can be used if you have a conservatory and then continue them towards the patio outside. Another is a kitchen-diner that opens out to the garden. You can use porcelain or stone tiles for this purpose so that when folding or sliding doors open, both inside and outside areas join together to create a wider space.

Low-Maintenance Gardens

You can create low maintenance gardens by opting for a fully tiled garden but you can add some planters, low maintenance plants and trees. Remember to use the right kind of tile as some tiles are not ideally suited for outside use. Using tiles that are made for outdoors is absolutely important as the right adhesive and grout. For more information and assistance for your garden tiles, please visit the website of Mathiou Services Australia.

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